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Helpers of God's Precious Infants


Prayerful Pro-life Activism

  • New Prophetic Vision for Pro-life Activism
  • Praying for Massive Moral Conversion
  • Peaceful Witness. No Picketing or Protesting
Come little children to Jesus

How it all began

Mgr Reilly has been involved in pro-life work in the USA for 31 years. For 21 of those years, he told us how he had done it "his way". Up until 1989, pro-life action in the US involved massive education campaigns, lobbying politicians, getting pro-life politicians elected, pickets and protests outside abortion centres, tremendous sacrifice on the part of pro-lifers getting imprisoned, brutalised and jeered in many ways. Indeed Monsignor himself had been arrested many times and imprisoned.

The Killing didn’t stop

However in 1989 he came to realise that despite all these efforts, the killing didn’t stop. It was that year, 1989, that he turned to the Lord and said; "I can’t do it Lord. I’ve failed. Help" It was at that point that God said "NOW we are in business". God had been waiting to be allowed to do it HIS way. Monsignor realised he had to "give God permission" to lead the way. He then set up his movement Helpers Of God’s Precious Infants, based on peaceful prayerful public witness at the abortion sites – or "Calvary" sites as he calls them.

Send me an Army, God

Monsignor then prayed and asked God for an army. God sent him a total of three grandmothers, one grandfather and one young working woman to do battle with "The Culture of Death", as Pope John Paul has termed it. "Is that all you are going to send me?" he asked. And God replied "Yes, because if I send you any more, you’ll think it’s you who are doing it!" Then God sent his little band to the largest abortion centre in the world..…to say the rosary. In one morning, Monsignor said an incredible 1100 women entered that abortion centre. From that time, there arose a movement that has spread from coast to coast and beyond to Canada, Europe and even as far as Australia and New Zealand.

On the 12th July 1998, that movement came to Ireland.

Profound Shift of Emphasis

Mgr Reilly outlined a profoundly different emphasis for pro-life activism than simply focussing on the physical saving of the preborn babies. He stated "We have physically saved more babies since we started to concentrate on the spiritual soul of the mother". He explained that the greatest evil in the eyes of God was not the 37 million babies killed by abortion in the USA in the last 25 years – it was the loss or the possible loss of the 74 million souls directly responsible for those abortions – the souls of the abortionists and the mothers. (That’s not to mention the souls of the fathers, grandparents and friends involved.)

The Kernel Vision

Monsignor shared how God led him and his helpers to witness at the site of the killing- the profound necessity to BE there – praying in reparation for the injustices committed against the preborn inside –praying for God’s mercy for the abortionists and staff who cooperate in the killing - being present at this "Calvary" just as Mary and St John were called to be witnesses, at the place of Christ’s death – no placards, no slogans, no debate – just being there – remaining with these children in the hour they are crucified - witnessing to the wrongness of what is happening inside. Monsignor explained how the only human love these children may encounter on earth may be from those standing outside – these children rejected by their parents and doomed to die. He explained how God is calling us to witness to the truth at these modern-day Calvaries – to pray for conversion of heart so that the insane discussion about the right to kill is abruptly silenced.

No Words but Prayer

Mgr Reilly outlined the approach that God used most powerfully. The vigil started with Mass in a chapel and was led – in prayer – by a priest or bishop. No discussion whatever was permitted – with the press, the public, with one another. He testified that it was essential the women arriving for an abortion see a praying people. He said the rosary has saved so many lives that it is miraculous. Heaven has invested so many graces in this prayer.

Exhibit For Life

An "Exhibit For Life" plays an essential component to the visual message at the site. This consists of laying out on the ground pictures of beautiful live babies and pictures showing the stark reality of abortion. A woman on her way to an abortion centre is distraught and distracted. An exhibit on the ground presents no person-to-person confrontation. The visual impact of this combination has saved many children.

Sidewalk Counsellors

The only people permitted to speak are specially trained sidewalk counsellors, trying to speak the truth to women as they make their way to the abortion centre. They reach out with the love of Christ, promising the support and assistance that is available. Whilst all this is going on, back in the chapel other members of the Helpers movement are in constant eucharistic adoration. Monsignor states the incredible figure of 95% of ‘turnarounds’ are women who have entered the abortion centre and who then change their mind.

Monsignor stated that when a woman comes out after having an abortion very often it is these moments that are the greatest moments of grace. It is then that she realises what she has done and it is precisely then she needs to know that God’s mercy and forgiveness is there in just the same way that it was before she entered the abortion centre. To bring to her the knowledge of Christ’s forgiveness at this stage not only brings a tremendous assurance to her but experience shows that it goes a long way towards helping save her next child. That is a privilege beyond price. Thus "Centres For Life" that cater for both the pre-abortion and post-abortion situation are critical.

No Abuse or Picketing

Monsignor emphasised how essential it was that the witness be peaceful, prayer-filled, constant. No scorn, abuse or picketing – because scorn and ridicule close off a "channel of grace" to the very people who need it the most – the woman seeking the abortion and the abortionist who commits it. He spoke extensively about how for many years he participated in rescues, getting arrested many times, and realised how counterproductive it was. If you send out people to block a door – your best people end up in jail, the media paints you as extremists, your cause gets isolated and the opposition avails of the controversy to further their own agenda.

Incredible Strength Instead

He spoke of how a public witness employing true gentleness requires incredible strength. The way of Christ is to use the overwhelming power of love. Monsignor asserted that for the holocaust to stop the general public – everyone – needs to talk about WHY they are witnessing, not WHAT they are doing. The goal and the mission is to call abortionists, women, society, legislators to a conversion of heart – by the witness of God’s people – to choose life and truth.




The Results Using Monsignor’s approach

An incredible 20,000 babies have been saved and 22 abortion centres have been shut down and not replaced. Abortionists have left the killing business and vowed never to return. Some of them have told Monsignor directly that even one praying person outside the abortion centre disturbed them the most. In the words of one abortionist; "One praying person reminded us we were doing wrong. It became hell!" The results are there – we in Ireland must take note!

Prayer and Fasting

Prayer and fasting are absolutely essential to bring about the necessary conversion of heart. It is precisely this prayer and fasting that release God’s grace to convert women’s hearts, to convert abortionist’s hearts, to convert society. Monsignor stated a huge "prayer base" of spiritual supporters as wide as possible must be established before even setting out on the Helper’s way. This is the power behind the success story. Nobody takes credit as nobody knows whose prayer is responsible for bringing about a conversion of heart – whether it is a cloistered sister in a convent, or the sacrifices of little children, or the suffering of a bed-ridden invalid who offers her suffering for release of God’s redeeming grace. Thus no-one takes the credit – all glory goes to God. Prayer and fasting are the essential weapons in this spiritual warfare.

The Hound of Heaven

Mgr Reilly shared how God pursues every single person – every single sinner. God pursued Bernard Nathanson, the world’s leading abortionist who presided over 70,000 deaths – who carried out 7000 abortions including that of his own child. Dr Nathanson became a Catholic last year. Monsignor stated that "They may be enemies of God but God is enemy of no-one". God pursued Norma McCorvey – the woman at the centre of the infamous Roe v Wade case in 1973 that opened the floodgates to abortion in America, and who has this year announced she is converting to Catholicism. Monsignor told us that we must go to those promoting the Culture of Death and let them "see in you the face of Christ". The people who are in darkness must see a light. He said they must see love – not anger and confrontation. God prizes their souls as highly as each of ours. He shed his blood that they might be saved. None of them have ever been won over by abuse and scorn.

A Demanding Vision

This is a very demanding vision. It calls for selfless love and sacrifice. It is a direct response to that wonderful scripture:

"Rescue those unjustly sentenced to death. Don’t stand back and let them die. Don’t try to disclaim responsibility by saying you didn’t know about it. For God, who knows all hearts knows yours, and he knows you knew. And he will reward everyone according to his deeds."

"Jesus himself has shown us by his example that prayer and fasting are the first and most effective weapons against the forces of evil"

Come little children to Jesus

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