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Fed Up with Your Catholic Faith being trampled underfoot by media bullies?
Tired of being walked over by the secular minority?

Dear Reader,

Right now, Ireland is faced with:

These evils are nothing less than an attack on God's law itself.

This is a SERIOUS time for Ireland.

Seeking God's Face I've been praying hard about all these ills bombarding Ireland.

Recently, I was handed prayers to the HOLY FACE of JESUS!

Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus is a particular reparation for the sins of atheism, communism, blasphemy, attacks against religion and against Holy Church, and profanation of Sundays and other Holy Days of Obligation.

This powerful devotion was revealed by God to Sr. Mary of St. Peter, the 19th century visionary, whose experiences were authenticated by Pope Leo XIII and endorsed by several other Popes. It was practiced by many saints including St Therese, who took the name Sr. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face!

The Psalmist says: Restore us, O God; make your face shine upon us, that we may be saved."(Ps 80:3)

Civil Partnerships Bill

Take, for example the Civil Partnerships Bill. This draconian bill would legalise "rights" for homosexual people against the will of the majority and seriously undermine Christian marriage.

Serious concern exists for anyone who will not wish to cooperate with a so-called "Gay" marriage eg photographers, florists, Church Halls, B&B / Hotel owners and adoption agencies.

It is entirely consistent with an E.U. wide agenda to impose demands of a tiny homosexual minority.

Before God, a Catholic legislator cannot formally cooperate with or promote this bill. To vote in favour of a law so harmful to the common good is - as the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith states - "gravely immoral."

Homosexual persons need our acceptance, love and support to live a lifestyle according to God's plan.

They do not need legislation which endangers their souls. Such is not a loving response. Christ doesn't condemn them and nor should we.

God's Battle Instructions

I am convinced that Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus is part of God's battle instructions to us at this crucial time in Ireland! We must make reparation.

We live under the gaze of the Supreme Commander as we face this difficult time. I believe prayer is THE most potent force in counteracting spiritual principalities and powers of evil in the "Culture of Death"

God revealed to Sr. Mary of St. Peter that these prayers of reparation are absolutely essential!

It was revealed they prevent the "waters of God's wrath" from flooding a nation as a consequence of men's blasphemies, insults, and profanations hurled at God's name, His Face, His Church and His religion.

Ultimately, this war is about the salvation of SOULS

Join us in seeking the Light of His Face! Join us in Human Life International (Ireland) at one of the five venues listed below in Dublin, Belfast, Limerick, Knock and Donegal.

We are launching the reparation prayers and distributing thousands of Holy Face booklets at each venue.

Each of these inspiring, uplifting and informative events will include the prayers of reparation themselves, as well as talks and refreshments.

Join us as we ask the light of God's Face to shine into each of the ills facing Ireland.

Fill in the order form below by clicking here for your complimentary copy of Holy Face booklet, blessed medal and St Therese's beautiful prayer to the Holy Face.

Not Ashamed to be Catholic We need not apologise or be ashamed for being Catholic. In fact, it is our Catholic religion that holds the KEY for true peace, civility, true equality for EVERYONE especially the weakest.

It holds the answer to the ache in every human heart for true love and acceptance - an ache that can ultimately only be fulfilled by God Himself, as revealed by the person of His Son Jesus Christ.

I am privileged to be joined by Anthony Murphy, Editor of Catholic Voice newspaper and Fr Owen Gorman amongst others.

We will be venerating each evening a verified relic of true representation of Jesus' Face from Veronica's Veil.

Yours Sincerely,
In Christ
Patrick McCrystal
Chairman HLI (Ireland)

Fasting and Prayer to the HOLY Face Campaign Lent 2010
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