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Print and fill out the below slip and return it to us by FREEPOST

Human Life International (Ireland) Standing Order Form


YOUR ACCOUNT NAME _________________________

YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER _______________________

YOUR BANK'S SORT CODE ______________________

YOUR BANK'S NAME & ADDRESS _________________


To the manager, I/we hereby request and authorise you to debit my/our account

with the sum of Euro ____ (write in words) ____________

                    Or stg£ ____ (write in words) ____________

Please tick your choice:

Once a week___ or Once a month___ or Once a year___

Or as a once off payment ___

Starting from (date) Day:____ / Month:_____ / Year:____

until further notice in writing.

Signature: _________________________Date:_______

Second Signature (applicable to joint accounts):


Your Address:__________________________________


and to credit

Human life International (Ireland)

(For Euro) A/c no: 20784094             Sort Code: 93-33-84

                    AIB Bank, 5 College Street, Dublin 2

(For Sterling) A/c no: 81321358        Sort Code: 95-01-21

         Northern Bank Ltd., 8 Donegall Square North, Belfast

Our Projects Include:

  • Prayer & Fasting Rotas
  • Majella Crisis Pregnancy & Life Education Centre
  • Rosary Year Campaign
  • National Speaking tours and conferences
  • National & Regional pro-life advertising
  • Media interviews & press releases
  • Video & Audio tape production
  • Newsletters to clergy & laity
  • Truth about contraception, abortion, homosexuality, and assaults on the family
  • Wide-ranging website
  • Promotion of Chastity, Natural Family Planning, Church Teaching, Prayer Cards, the Rosary. . .
  • And much, much more with your help!

Return in FREEPOST envelope to
HLI (Ireland) , 6 Belvedere Place
Dublin 1 Ireland Tel (01) 8552504 Fax (01) 8552767
Email: HLI(Ireland)

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